Sessions and Intensives

What a Session Looks Like

Our First Contact


When you come to work with us in person or on the phone/Skype, we first interview and explore your heart’s desire in all areas of your life:  relationships, career, health, spirituality, finances, etc.  After formulating your intentions, we invoke our inner guidance (Governing Center™) and work with your inner guidance (your Governing Center™), creating a synergistic field of truth and love among us.  This co-creation reveals the direction for your healing journey - a field we create that discloses the top priority in your process.


Through discussion and sharing we formulate a collaborative agreement regarding the kind of transformational plan you need.  Our psychic gifts and compassionate intention help you feel, see, and know your blind spots.

This informs us on exactly where to start.


Then we make an agreement with you as to a time frame, facilitators, and all people involved that support your journey, which could include your family members.  This may also include a recommendation for an Intensive.

(See separate description, below.)

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The Soul Alchemy™ Journey

A major part of the healing is establishing your Governing Center™.


The main resource that we access to create the Governing Center™ (a new inner guidance system) is the love in your human heart; your love holds the desire for your wholeness. We also activate the wisdom from your body (body elemental), which informs us what is loving for the physical realm and what is not.  We combine that with your soul’s infinite wisdom and the truth of your feelings, needs, and wants in current time. The higher self and soul wisdom partner with what is loving for your body and life in present time.


 The governing center™ mediates in total equality the needs of all parts (the feminine, masculine, soul body, and inner child) and becomes the unifying guide of your healing process (the inner healer).


 Most people have controls, conditions and beliefs that create blocks preventing a soul partnership and overall wellness. A large part of the sessions involve releasing, dis-creating, dissolving obstacles towards manifesting this Governing Center inside. We do this thru several processes that we have developed, breath-work, sound, expressive arts therapy, psychodrama, and energy work.


In session work you learn how to dialogue consciously with your soul and retrieve lost parts of self. We often heal relationships with our ancestors, breaking contracts, curses and belief systems carried thru the generations. We help you create a new inner family uniting the masculine and feminine elements of your soul psyche, this alchemy provides a safe inner home to retrieve lost child parts.  We learn that the inner relationships are always being reflected in our outer world. So by shifting the internal family hologram/story this has the greatest impact on how we co-create with the outer world and what we attract.


All of these transformational shifts bring a new awareness and new skills and tools that empower everyday life.

You will be given a daily practice and processes that empower you to keep growing on your own. The more soul mass we integrate the more life force, vitality and personal will we have available to create our desires and have soul fulfillment. Yippee!


We hold the sacred a container for you the entire time you work with us, we are easily accessible by phone to address arising needs as you expand and evolve. The follow up and integration is as important as the healing sessions.  New relational skills in your world are a key ingredient in sustaining the love and re-imprinting your body soul connection with a new reality.

This work is penetrating breaks denials in the soul and personality for the authentic self to fully emerge.

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Are you ready for a whole Life change?  Schedule an Intensive now!


Intensives serve as a major catalyst to jumpstart you into creating quantum shifts in your life.  We are a healing facilitation team committed to sustaining love and unity among us.  We strive to embody the relational skills we teach.  When we prepare for an Intensive, we meet the participant and we ask ourselves the question:  what are they reflecting in us for our own growth and evolution?  We then go into personal work to expand the Loving Field in our own soul body vibration to look at the issue in us that the client is coming to heal.


This process moves us out of hierarchical traditional roles and places us into a co-creative transparent relationship with each other and the client.  We find this the most empowering strategy to allow clients to claim their own responsibility for their wellness.  This is the unity consciousness field that we believe is the real healing energetic based on collaborative creative human love.


Robin and Joseph and their healing team offer Intensives for individuals, couples, families, and groups.

After an initial interview, we prepare a proposal detailing the process and structure for a residential stay in Santa Fe.


The length of time varies according to the needs, availability, and commitments of the client.  We offer experiences typically from three days to two weeks, sometimes longer.  Other options might include several smaller intensives with integration breaks in between, strung out over a longer period of time.


Additional services and expertise of our healing team include Integrative bodywork, deep tissue massage, somatic trauma protocols (appropriate for physical and emotional trauma of all kinds), watsu (water massage) and a 24-hour sacred steward that never leaves your side.

Everyone on our team is highly trained in counseling and healing protocols.


Intensives are supportive for anyone who has experienced systems of suppression, ritual abuse, governmental programing, satanic ritual and/or sexual abuse, family abuse, or a variety of mental and emotional spiritual disturbances.  This includes anyone who has lost the connection to his/her own truth and internal safety.

We specialize in resolving perpetrator-victim-rescue dynamics.


Staying in Santa Fe itself is a powerful choice as the environmental beauty and spiritual energy draw people from all over the world who are interested in catalyzing change in their lives.

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