"For years, I had been in a chaotic, distant, and confusing place while struggling with drug abuse and depression.  Once I started experiencing the wisdom that Robin and Joseph offered, the direction of my life miraculously shifted, bringing clarity, joy, and truth that I learned to manifest from moment to moment.  They have taught me the tools to transcend old beliefs and integrate my soul into my body." 

- Clayton M., Body Worker, 

St. Louis, MO & Flagstaff, AZ 

"Joseph and Robin have been special friends for years.  Anytime I need clarity and connection to my dimensional and galactic selves, I sign up with these two very gifted beings."  

- Harriette King, Evolutionist,

Santa Fe

"After you break out of the Matrix, the World is truly a blessed and generous place that needs not suffer in the dismal illusion taught to us by our Culture, our religions, and our peers.  Thank you, Joseph and Robin."  

- Susan K., Engineer, 

Los Angeles

"I have done spiritual healing work with many different healers and modalities for the last 25 years.  When I met Robin and Joseph 8 years ago and started doing sessions with them, I knew I was finally clearing, transforming, and healing my stuff permanently.  They helped me move out of self-hatred, guilt, and self-punishment into self-love and expansion and the result is that my chronic back pain and nervous system pain is gone.  I am at deep peace and in love with myself and it shows in all areas of my life and physical body.  They have helped me to get to root causes of the physical and emotional pains I was trying to heal for many years."

- Cynthia H, Artist,

 Santa Fe

"I needed much more than traditional psychology and counseling methods to heal my severe trauma experiences. Connecting with Robin, Joseph and then the Sustainable Love Team offered healing for my body, mind, and spirit.  I have a sense of wholeness and integration that I never thought was possible before finding these folks.  I am forever grateful for these wonderful practitioners!

- Beth B., MA, Ed.D.,

Santa Fe

"I had spent a few years on a very focused deep inward journey to consciously deconstruct

beliefs and paradigms about life, self, divinity, spirituality, etc., to uncover what was

truly at the core of my being without all the stories and concepts.


"After this stripping away I found myself in a very weakened, vulnerable state without the strength or wherewithal to reenter the world again and integrate what I had learned.  I knew I couldn’t do this alone.  I immediately thought of contacting Robin and Joseph who are the only people I knew that would understand where I was at and could support this level of integration with deep love and presence.


"I made a special trip from India to work with them.  How grateful I Am!  

Feeling whole, inspired, strong, and actively engaged in this beautiful life!


"Robin and Joseph are masterfully gifted at what they do.  They continue their own evolution of

love, truth and understanding which serves to expand their capacity for healing and empowerment

to those who are blessed to work with them.  Thank you beloved ones!!!"

- Louise S., Energy Medicine Practitioner,

Dharamshala, India

"Since working with the Sustainable Love Training and Guidance Center,

I have been able to open the doors to my deepest and darkest shadows,

allowing the greatest healing that I have been seeking my whole life!  In the past, I've spent over $100,000 on other programs, healing work, energy sessions, counseling, coaching, and training.  In a matter of just 2 months, however, your work cut to the core issues that have blocked my wholeness.  For the first time in my life, I am finding inner peace and healing.  Attracting you and your evolutionary work into my life is allowing me to have more focus, clarity, strength, and courage in my personal life, my relationships, and my business.  Thank you for the beautiful space you create and the loving guidance that is allowing me to be who I am meant to BEE."

  - Jan H. Stringer, Founder,

PerfectCustomers, Inc.

“I first worked with Robin 18 years ago and recently returned to work with her and Joseph as a team.  Robin’s astuteness has remained sharp and, with Joseph, she has designed a method of healing facilitation that my soul understands.  Joseph lovingly holds space during this process.  They’ve helped me pull pieces of my soul back to the Oneness within me that, due to trauma, had splintered away.  And, through the work,

I claimed my will and my power.


"Robin and Joseph facilitate this healing in a safe loving environment.  Robin has the ability to see and feel what’s really going on with your soul.  She has recognized some of the contracts I had made prior to coming into this life.  With this knowledge I could feel my heart open, and I have been able to break any contracts which no longer serve me - all done with love.  I have been able to experience living more from my fullest and truest self.

With Robin’s help, the door has opened for me to sustain a joy that I have so desired.”

- Susan Todd, Designer,

Santa Fe



"If you want to truly change your life and finally get to the bottom of what is keeping you from creating the life you want to live, Robin and Joseph are your people.  They can, and will, take you to the far reaches of your soul and help you learn to love yourself in the deepest, truest ways possible.  They are fearless and have no problem facing the darkest of the dark.  The work I did with them was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life, but I was held in the most beautiful container of love and support by them the entire time.  If you are willing to see and love all of yourself, let these amazing facilitators help you on a life-changing journey to the next level of love and joy in your life."  

- Eric F., Musician,

Santa Fe